My first service to Guru

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Agraha massages Sri Chinmoy's feet

Guru had completed his participation at an international conference in Iceland, and he needed to leave a little early. The conference took place in 1975, and I was a very new disciple.

There were not many disciples there so I ran and tried to help him because I saw that he was leaving. I was a brand new disciple and something in me said that I needed to help Guru with his food or his shoes. So, I went right to the front row and got his shoes and put them on Guru. 

It was 15 or 20 years later that Guru allowed me to massage him regularly. This was a great honour because Guru would let only a few people massage him. I was eager to serve Guru and Guru allowed it, so it is something that I always remember.

Each service-height
A new progress-delight.

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